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i’ve run around with a camera in my hand since i can remember. without my family’s encouragement, i would not be here, where i am today. my mom and dad have always supported my art and i will be eternally grateful for that. my incredible, big, greek family, i don’t know what i would do without you.

i was blessed in 2008 when i was introduced to a handsome young man by the name athanasios, but from now on, you will know him as thanasi. he is my other half. my everything. not only am i lucky enough to be called mrs. hristodoulou, but i am also fortunate to be married to a talented artist who inspires me to be a better version of me every.single.day. in 2015, we were blessed with our son, vasili. vasili is the best thing to have ever happened to us, and i love watching him explore, learn, and i love seeing both his father and i in everything he does.

photography to me is about capturing moments and allowing me the time to not only slow down, but to stand still, and capture this precious time for a lifetime. that is what i love about the art of photography. with every session and every photo i take, the love i have for this art form only grows.

i know god sent me down this path with a purpose and i am so incredibly grateful that you have found yourself here with me.


<3 DK